I first started thinking about putting on a couple of running events after my second trip to a certain race in Texas. It’s a really BIG race, with lots and lots of runners. I was crewing/pacing a friend that year and on her 5th loop there was more trash on the trail than I’ve seen in some road marathons.  It was sad.  And the race had a marathon event feel as well. There was an expo and tents selling shoes, nutrition, running clothing, belts and just about everything else you could imagine. I’m not sure but there might have even been a dancing bear and fireworks at one point. (Okay maybe that’s a stretch) It’s not that I’m a running snob; I enjoy a circus as much as the next guy, but that’s not what drew me to running and in particular ultra-running.  

  OSU will put on 3 or 4 very low key running events each year with a cap of 20-25 runners. For all these races, re-supplies will have to be through drop bags and or crews. Where runners can enjoy the wilderness they are traveling through and the camaraderie of the people they are running with. All the events will be point to point or out and back.